Welcome to Dharammegha


I consider myself fortunate and grateful to the Lord by whose mercy and grace I have got the opportunity to serve humanity in this form. I am grately inspired by the visions and intuitions I have been experiencing since childhood. I belong to a Punjabi religious family.I completed my graduation in English Litrature from Delhi University and got married at the age of nineteen to a Mechanical Engineer settled in his own inherited business. After two years of my marriage, I lost my father who was my Spiritual Guru. I observed his spirit always beside me guiding for divine and spiritual growth.I followed the path of meditation and experienced within me the true wisdom and bliss. In 1985, I started DHARAMMEGHA Mission to share with them the divine wisdom and transmit divine vibrations. The basic Meaning of Dharammegha is 'a cloud of virtue'. It is infact symbolic of the peculiar knowledge of the Infinite. When yogi attains the right discrimination between body and soul and achieves the perfection in self- realisation and rejects the fruits of all the varities of powers, unto him comes a 'Peculiar Knowledge', A state of perfect samadhi called 'Dharammegha'.